Monday, May 14, 2012

Tat's + Baby Avi

"You'll miss half of your lifetime, oh wait!", then she computes in her head and finally added "your entire lifetime" after I mentioned that I wouldn't want to get pregnant soon. 

Ms. Kamelle and Chris are just one sweet couple and it was a happy day that I get to meet and photograph the 9th month of Kamelle's pregnancy. It was more than a joy, too, when they loved the photos and allowed me to share my experience with them here in my blog.

Please don't get me wrong. I wont ever find pregnancy wrong or ugly nor I dislike building a strong family. I just think I am all-the-'ly" (mentally, physically, blah blahly lol) prepared for it. In fact, I think it is one the greatest power of human beings and other creatures which is why I enjoy taking photos of it instead. All the more know the depth of the personalities involved in raising the child soon--the mom and dad.

Meet Kamelle and Chris.

And Baby Girl Avi! :)
(due any moment from the publication of this post)

Allow yourself to see the photos of how one sweet angel has made this couple look so blessed and happy.

Davao wasn't having a perfect summer though. Rainy weather is normally expected int he afternoon so when  this couple requested for a sunset shoot, weather was the first thing in my head.

Wanting badly to get that golden sun for the shoot, they were already prepared to cancel and resched instead to sunrise. Good thing that Mr. Sun seemed to love this couple too much, the sun has shone beautifully until the end of our shoot.



Welcome to the world soon, Baby Avi. You are soon to be born in a very sweet family.

By the way, just to fill in your curiosity, "Tat" is Kamelle and Chris's endearment to each other because of their tattoos (how cool are they?!).

Thank you Kamelle and Chris for the opportunity! It was an honor to take this wonderful moments for Avi to see in the future. Best wishes to you guys!

(Published with permission from couple)