Monday, October 8, 2012

End of Mourning in Ilocos

There is a dramatic story behind this trip but let us leave that behind together with the past months of my life. I was in my solo travel again making sure of several things to accomplish: take photos, meet people and eat!!!

This adventure brought me to Ilocos Norte, the northern part of Philippines. It is known for several tourist destinations including the Malacanang of the North, Balwarte, Vigan and the Heritage Village aside from being the hometown of the President Dictator Ferdinand Marcos who ruled over Philippines for over 23 years.

The touchdown from Manila was really beautiful. Ilocos probably has the most beautiful sunset I have seen and the airport provided a wonderful place to appreciate the glory of the sun setting down. Luckily, there is a free bus service from the airport going downtown.I was able to reach Balay da Blas, settled to my room,  got some dinner, worked for a few hours in my laptop and prepared for the next day.

The heights. I was on top of the Kapurpurawan Rocks. My legs were shaking.

My initial plan was to go Vigan at the evening then head to Pagudpud. The plan did not exactly work so I was able to visit Cape Bojeador in Burgos, the sedimentary rock formation Kapurpurawan Rocks and my favorite, Bangui Windmills.

Overall, traveling in Ilocos was really fun considering I was there for a short two-day vacation only. The people are very friendly and accommodating especially the staff of Balay da Blas. The food is very affordable although I wasn't able to eat some of their specialties.Pasalubong can be bought in every tourist spot. I left Ilocos with a warm heart and a happy soul which marked the end of my mourning. I'd like to visit it again to get to some of the tourist destination that I failed to visit. 

For now, I'll check off traveling to Ilocos in my bucket list!
Photos. Enjoy!

Cape Bojeador (in film)

The lighthouse. And it was closed for public viewing due to some repairs needed to be done. Taken in film camera.

From above. Overlooking a film set made in Kapurpurawan Rocks. Also taken with a film camera.

All White and Gorgeous. The view of the Kapurpurawan Rocks formed by nature.

From the deck, my driver laughed at me when i jumped like a little kid at the sight of the Bangui Windmills.
The future of renewable energy and a landscape of pride.

Bangui in film. Shooting with Nikon FE, 35mm and ASA 200 film.

Native ride. Ilocos particularly in Laoag City still allows Kalesa around the city. Kalesa is the mode or transport in the Spanish era which uses cart with big wheels being pulled by a horse.


  1. Neatly done shots budhe. It's nice to hear you're back on track. Let's go back here sometime in the future :)

  2. Thanks budhe! Surely. Hindi na kasi kita nkikita lately...