Sunday, September 23, 2012


Checked off my list.

My love affair with photography did not start with digital camera's or any DSLR's. I could remember when I was younger, I would watch in the movies and hear stories on how light can be captured and printed on a sheet of paper as if preserving time. 

I thought of it as magic. I couldn't understand much how can it be done and I simply believed in its power. True enough, as the time pass, the living legacy of our memories and the pigments of the past can only be viewed in a little printed sheets of photo paper. 

Photography. I couldn't muster what greatness it has brought the world but I am definite of how it moved me and saved me from the lowest point in my life; how it has changed my world view and how it has become an instrument to expand my circle of friends and acquaintances. So I only did what I think was best in order to understand my craft better--learn it the old school way.

Without further blabber, let the picture paint the thousand words and emotions!

 Images from Master Steve and Dr. Charisse's e-session
All taken in candid poses :)

 Location. Location. From GAP Farms, to Eden Mountain Resort for the wedding day.

Below: The favorite from the set (in monochrome and color)

Fourth Gen Blackbelts?

 Things I love at the dojang (gym): Maam Angel, the friendly house dogs, food and the karate!

 All photos were taken using a Nikon FE film body with 35mm lens, with Fujifilm ASA100 and Kodak ASA200, post processed (for BW conversion) in Photoshop.

And a special shout out for my fellow photobombers who helped me finish my film project: 
Sir Biboy, Sir Ken, Ate Bing, Master Floro and the Grandeza Family.


Taken by Sir Biboy at Sir Ken's studio

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