Sunday, February 17, 2013

Product Review: Human Nature's Tough Love

I am now in my fifth week of using this product and I am only but convinced.

I am indeed convinced about Human Nature’s new product, Tough Love and I can vouch that it is the best laundry detergent ever. I kid you not because my sister (yes, we do our own laundry at home) also got so convinced and hooked up into this because like me she didn’t have any allergic reactions to the smell. The downside of this detergent though is that you would want to eat some fruit salad after you laundry clothes!

Aside from the delicious citrus smell, here are some of my comments about Tough Love:

Tough Love but gentle on Mother Earth. Rare I can find an industrial product that is organic and I am happy to learn during the magalogue day with Human Nature that they produce an entire line of organic home as well as personal products. What is good when it’s organic? Simple.  Since no synthetic products are present, you do not harm the environment when you drain your rinsing water.

Tough Love but gentle to fabrics and skin. Your delicate clothes do not get bleached and torn out when washing while the colors remain vibrant. After washing your clothes, your hands would feel as if you lotioned the entire laundry session. No rashes and peeling skin for me, yey!

Price of one for a value of three.  Wash but not need to bring in your chlorine bleach and fabric conditioner. Tough Love removes stains easily but leaves the clothes smelling fresh and soft. My clothes felt like the clothes that my mom would handwash and sun-dry for me during my toddler days.

I tried the product on my weekly laundry to see consistency and the results have been the same. For a month now, I haven’t consumed the entire gallon (950mL) for my laundry considering that I wash my blankets and bed covers weekly—a real money-saver.  It’s best for baby clothes because it is very delicate and contains no harmful ingredients. What more can you ask?

If you are curious enough, you may check their site at or visit them at Unit 10, Plaza del Carmen, Loyola Street, Brgy. Obrero, Davao City. They also have other branches nationwide!

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