Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ten Reasons Why I Love Davao City

I decided to create a list that makes me love Davao City so much more.

As a self-proclaimed Davaoena, let me convince you why I love Davao City and as you may have heard in many mouths of your friends, this city is truly a mix of both modern and homey feeling.

Reason number 10: FOOD and EAT ALL YOU CAN!

 Because Davao is situated near provincial areas, cost of living especially meals and food products are still cheap. We feast on seafood like there is no tomorrow. Name a fruit and we most probably have it. We enjoy RICE ALL YOU CAN, STEAK ALL YOU CAN, Buffet, Merienda Buffet, Bottomless Ice Tea, and Bottomless Desserts. And all these come in the most affordable prices that I’m sure our tourist friends would be very surprised to learn.

And since Davao will be celebrating another glorious year on its 76th Founding Anniversary, let us enjoy a night of another eat-all-you-can with the 1st Davao Sinugba Festival on the weekend of Araw ng Davao festivities this March 14 to 17 from 4 in the afternoon until 12 midnight. Okay, it’s a buffet grill for P200 only!

Sounds fun right? Allow me to also share this schedule of activities of the Davao Sinugba Festival.

March 14 (Thursday)
2:00 PM   -   Motorcade
3:00 PM   -   Ribbon Cutting
8:00 PM   -   Acoustic Night

March 15 (Friday)
4:00 PM   -   Eat-all-you-can Sinugba Buffet
8:00 PM   -   Acoustic Night

March 16 (Saturday)
6:00 PM   -   Giant Burger Eating Contest
8:00 PM   -   Acoustic Night
9:00 PM   -   Pork and Chicken BBQ Eating Contest

March 17 (Sunday)
4:00 PM   -   King of the Grill Competition
7:00 PM   -   Awarding of King of the Grill Competition
8:00 PM   -   Acoustic Night

The 1st Davao Sinugba Festival will be held in Tienda del Mercado located in Acacia Street, Juna Subdivision near Ateneo de Davao High School in Matina.

Want to know more? Check and like their Facebook pages here for DavaoSinugba Festival and Tienda del Mercado.

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