Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MySkin Essentials Zumba Party

Getting that healthy glowing skin does not solely depend on using natural products and making sure that we cleanse, tone and moisturize. Some factors that also affect our skin are diet, exercise and mood. Our environment also play a crucial role to having that beautiful, young-looking skin. It goes to say that our lifestyle is a major factor that affects how our skin looks--the healthier lifestyle we have, the more healthy, glowing and young-looking skin we attain.

In its advocacy to promote a healthy lifestyle, MySkin Orgins partnered with the Greene Dare and the Metro Lifestyle Gym  in promoting a healthy living by: using natural products for your skin, cleansing with natural juices, and sweating all your stress out. A Zumba Party was held last April 26 which was attended by bloggers, customers, and health-conscious individual together with friends and family to help promote this advocacy. 

 Our most energetic Zumba Instructors all the way from Gensan! Super love! <3

Even Kids <3 Zumba and joined our fun fun evening!
Everyone had a chance to taste the Greene Dare's juices. I love the Beet flavor especially when ice-cold!
Stress-free, beautiful people who partied for a healthier lifestyle and a more glowing skin!
(c) Alan Echano


  1. Donna is one of the sweetest girls I've ever met! :D

    1. I absolutely agree! They came all the way from Gensan that day just to support the event and still, energy level: unbeatable! :)

  2. Thank you Sarah!!! :) I had sooo much fun that night......

    @MICA ahhhhh thank you <3 <3 <3