Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Date Day: Part 2

You surround yourself with family and friends and you will never go hungry--body and soul.

October is not only a month for Octoberfest but it is also the special months for three of my friends in our karate gym. Sharlene celebrated her 18th birthday in her simple intimate gathering at Golden Brown located at Duterte Street last Tuesday afternoon (just before Max's event). Her mom surprised her with a sweet AV presentation of her growing up years, a rather cool tarpaulin of Sharlene as Lara Croft, a delicious cake and 18 cupcakes (nyum)! It was really a tender moment seeing her mom as we watch the video--they were both teary-eyed. :)

And after the fun-fun day with Davao Bloggers, it was my kuya's turn! Kuya Carlo and Kuya Dam-dam treat us in the evening.
Talk about weigh-management!

Birthday celebrant Kuya Carlo (with pending immunity for bullying..hahaha)

 As per tradition, we headed off to a pizza parlor in Bajada, Mama Maria. Four large pizzas and imagine what how my tummy is starting to feel gluttony. When they mentioned that we are still heading to Ice Giants, my first reaction was "You are kdding, right?". Good thing the ice cream parlor was already closed to customers but that did not stop our pig out day. We headed to McDonald's (para maiba?) and had our desserts there. (Tummy's reaction: here we go again).

 Thank you for taking my photos, Jenny :)
Sorry for the 'blur'...Long explanation.

Another celebrant, Sir Adam (with no bully immunity! hahaha)

Leslie had the idea to surprise our Kuya's with our 'special birthday cake'. So we scouted the entire Sta. Ana Avenue and found our paraphernalia-cupcakes, candle and match!

The bugoy's get their special cake!

 Lately, I realized that the birthday celebrations that I attend are getting more intimate and simple and I am happy with that because we take away all the hassle, the shallowness and all the unnecessary things for us to feel blessed and give thanks for another year and the coming years together with the people we love.
Happy Birthday, Sharlene, Sir Adam and Kuya Carlo. :)

Ending my date day with the Chaka's: L-R (above) Maam Gel, Sir Dam, Jentot, Miko, Mark. (below) Kuya G, Lijoy, Kuya Carlo (and) Joy, Engr. Eli :D (missing in action: many to mention!)

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