Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Photography: Ballet and Powder

And my first attempt.

A few months back, I have been wanting to try on new photography concepts to break away from my comfort zone of portraiture. This time, we decided to try the powder photography and with the help from my fellow Photobombers, we found three lovely ladies to pose for us, a studio where we enjoyed jumping around and tested Daryl's two new gigantic softboxes.

I was initially planning to create a setup that will use gels to color the powder but we realized that its getting complicated and we have limited time in the studio so we moved forward to trying to capture the powder while our ballerinas are in motion/ jumping.

Here are some of the output from me, and Sam Ortiz and Darryl Lara as well.

There Goes our Home
Model: Shannon Kimberly Soriano
side note: I wish made Shannon tip-toe her right leg though.. :)

What the Shadows have Left
Model: Luisa Banzon

Model: Chrizza Estanislao
(c) Sam Ortiz

Model: Chrizza Estanislao
(c) Darryl Lara
Bloopers pre-group hug :)

Group hug before powder madness
taken by Darryl in remote

Some of the problem I encountered during the shoot are: the background cloth was too small (it was already late when I realized that the other half was missing) and the light mastery. I guess I have a long way to go to know more about strobes and studio lights but this session was really rewarding to me.

Special thanks to our models Shannon, Chrizza and LJ (the sweetest trio girls I've met), and to my beloved crew who gathered their brains to help me pull off my shoot...Ate Nana, Daryl, Sam, Sir Biboy, Jakey (HMUA), Sir Ken, Manong Norman and Te Neil.

Shoot in Sir Hartzell Cueva's private studio in Bajada (thank you lots)!

Feel free to leave your CC in the comments section. A good dose of critique will surely help me improve.


  1. creative concept, lovely pics. good job!

    1. Hello kikit! thank you very much for dropping by! :) Im still hoping for a reshoot on this concept as well.. :)

  2. It's sure hard to capture this kind of shots!

    and oh, more pictures please! :D