Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tanduay Rockfest in Davao City

And this came in almost last in my 2012 backlogs...sorry my beloved readers but this 2013 should be better. Lets fix everything and get things in line.

Octoberfest is not only a month of flowing beers in the festive country of Philippines. Its also the month where endless concerts and parties happen. 

Each year, Tanduay hosts a concert series that trails from the three main islands of the Philippines--Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon. For the Mindanao leg, my beloved Davao City as chosen as the venue and no better place than the speed city near the Crocodile Park is more appropriate to host such a big event.

With our favorite local bands in the list, we sought for the tickets, prepared our cameras and luckily on that day, we were allowed to sneak in the VIP area. We were just meters away from the stage and on some moments, the singers were just a hop away. :) To top it all, Up Dharma Down opened the concert (although with just a couple of songs)!

Okay okay, enough stories and allow me to share the few photos I had during the concert because I got too excited and forgot to charge my camera battery!!! (>fail<)

Up Dharma Down opens the concert
The Original 5: Urbandub


Maybe this year will have a better set of photos! :) Cheers!

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