Saturday, January 3, 2015

Photography: Wrapping Up 2014 with Portraits

Year 2014 has come to its final kick and since there hasn't much photography projects aside from my food reviews, I'd like to share my favorite portraiture collection.

Noticeably, I have had no male models for the last two years and I also realized that most of my faves are in black and white. The drama in portraits seem to have been my major theme. Gladly, comparing my old portraiture to this collection, there has been a change of style and a little refinement in detail (whew!). Indeed, the first 10,000 photos are the worst photo that a photographer can take. Reaching almost my 10,000th photo, I am happy that I am learning more and (not to brag) improving.

What mirrors and bed sheets can do
Model: Lara Kim   HMUA: Paulyn Dy   Lights: Darryl Lara

My mentor once said that "If you want to do something wrong, do it right"...thus balloons? BALLOONS IT IS!
Model: Joy Dalumpines for her 18th birthday

Best in Production Award--tons of power!
Model: Chrizza Estanislao   Lights: Darryl Lara and William Pedraza

Cleanest Shot of the Year
Model: Celeste Lagera    HMUA: Karina Asetre   Lights: Darryl Lara

Beauty Shot of the Year
Model: Shannon Soriano   HMUA: Karina Asetre   Lights: Darryl Lara

Snow White: Any source of light is the best source of light
Model: Danaea Alexis Mabini for her Sweet 16 birthday

Also a year of flower crowns!
Model: Kristelle Allyne Cordora    HMUA: Yours Truly

Never throw your stock photos
Model: Claire Dodo   HMUA: Karina Asetre

Best source of soft light: big window side
Model: Nina Teresa Herrera

Foreground and flowers: frame your subject in foreground
Model: Sophia Lavina

Location, location, location
Model: Shane Penaranda   HMUA: Ramona Sabando

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