Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hip Hop to a Healthy Skin with MySkin Fitness Series

As you may have known by now, I am big fan of MySkin Origins products. Not only because its a local product and it uses natural ingredients, MySkin Origins has proven to be effective and very gentle to people with allergies like me!

I started using MySkin for about two years already and I have now my sisters snatching my stash of soap whenever they visit me. Unlike some brands that make you "unnaturally white" or have that skin peeled-off-too-much-you-look-like-you're-on-the-last-layer-of-your-skin, MySkin would give you a beautiful glowing healthy skin. And I kid you not when some people that I haven't seen in a few years would have notice the big difference of my old-haggard skin before to a more presentable lady-like skin nowadays.

Well, the deeper truth to that did not only rely solely on the products of MySkin Origins. It was also coupled with a healthy lifestyle and a change in diet. Quitting coffee (at least, lessening it) and trying to get as much sleep also helped!

This is the reason why MySkin Origins has been promoting the fitness series among its clients as being beautiful really don't happen overnight. 

So here is the latest fitness soiree we had with a Hip Hop theme this time. Coaching everybody was no other than Master Bryan Grandeza of Groove Unlimited Dance Community together with Ryan.  

With fellow Davao Bloggers. (c) Alan Echano , MySkin Origins
Group Hug!  (c) Alan Echano , MySkin Origins

Special thanks to Sir Alan and Ms. Jen Echano for inviting us again and for making us part of the Team Beautiful from MySkin. Also a special shout out to Greene Dare for partnering with MySkin Origins in this advocacy.

Cheers to being beautiful, inside and out! :)

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