Friday, August 23, 2013

DFAT 2013 Adventures

About nine months ago when I decided to grab the opportunity that knocked in my window, I never thought that it would bring me to this point where I found friends and a new comfort zone where I can do things that I truly want.

DFAT doodle. Credits to Mark Cabrera, Rina Alcantara, Michael Balgos and fellow Davao Bloggers (Arjay Lagere for the upload)

I was sitting down in one cafe with some of the DFAT organizers when they decided to brainstorm about the participants for the event. Well, I was trying my best not to eavesdrop in their conversation until one of them tapped me (I was on a headphone that time) because they were reading my essay on my DFAT application.
I remember then some of the things that I wrote and how funny the length of my essay was (I was really buying to get into DFAT). And now that this first page will be part of the historical event of my life, I’d like to share the reason why I love DFAT.
  • A family that eats together. My mom being a Kampampangan loves to eat and cook. My childhood has no better memories than my summer vacation in Kidapawan with my relatives eating breakfast twice in the morning and waking up to the smell of kitchen cooking in our ancestral house.
  • Culture. I may have not traveled the whole world (yet) but my palate has been to many countries, thanks to the many opportunities that came by. There is nothing better than experiencing the culture of any place through food.
  • New people. Food brings not only family together but people (even strangers) from all walks of life. Yes, it may sound cliche but my experience with my first DB event taught me that meeting new people can also happen in the middle of food tasting!!!
 So for the upcoming post, bear with me. I will be flooding you with the enticing memories of delicious food and warm accommodations from our DFAT partners. Don’t worry, I will be posting delicious food photos and convince you that those places are worth visiting and you will be left with no choice but to try it out as well! :)

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