Monday, August 26, 2013

Pearls and Petals

Its 1993, children of my age were running around. The environment was not new to me but the people I do not know much. At this age, I would never thought that these little kids–whose face are as rubbish as mine, whose minds are as clueless and innocent and whose hearts are free from all forms of prejudice, would be the same people who makes my heart warm.
They say that friendships that survive the thickness and thins of life are lasting friendships and indeed they are. Two decades later, my friends have all graduated college (thank goodness!) and now in our own pursuit of the dreams and the lives we wanted back when we were a little younger. Some now successful while others have started their families. Who would think, right?
December 2012: Five kids and counting?
This realization made me want to cherish time with them more–all the coffee time and short chitchats we can catch where our conversations would always boil down to either their kids or our highschool memories.
So while we cannot stop time from moving forward, allow me to preserve some of the little moments we shared. Here is small collection of my time shared with the Lavina’s and their cute princess, Sophia before they left for UK. 

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