Friday, September 27, 2013

All About BYS Eyes

Since I’m feeling a little “kikay” today, allow me to share my notes on some BYS products that were used during Ryan Wong’s workshop with the ladies from Davao Bloggers. BYS is a great cosmetic line to get that makeup that you want. Not limited to eye makeup, BYS has a complete line for different beauty types—from foundation, eyes and lipsticks. Good news for me, BYS has developed products that are appropriate match to morena-skinned-Pinays like me (yey!).

I tried using BYS’ Souffle Eye Creme and Eye Shadow Mousse as well as their Gel Liner to do my makeup mostly on my eyes. For this “experiment”, I also tried using the Gel Liner for my eyebrows to check if it will make a good alternative if my trusted eyebrow kit will go MIA.

The verdict. Although the Souffle Eye Creme and Eye Shadow Mousse are almost the same in purpose, I prefer the results made from the Mousse.  As I was applying the makeup, I can easily control the amount of product to put on. It is very easy to handle even if you have minimal knowledge on makeup. More so, since it is in gel form, you can easily learn how to apply it because it is not too “flowy” (liquid) and it stays longer in your skin compared to powdered cosmetics.

The gel liner may come out a little light when I used it in my eyelids but it is a good alternative for the eyebrow kit. You may however need a brush to work on the coverage of the eye liner.

Yes, a little photoshop to remove some unwanted skin problems and fixed some light issues. I must apologize for the bad background. Its difficult to do a selfie like this one when 50mm is mounted on the camera.
All BYS products for the eye make up plus powder eye shadow (of different brand) for the outer corner of the eyes.

I am generally happy with the BYS make up although I obviously need a lot of practice to perfect the application. For newbies like me, do not forget though that makeup products usually create a varied output from one face to the other. To be safe, start with minimal amounts and eventually add if necessary. You can also try some of the makeup before purchasing rather than visit the long cue in the Customer Service for returns or exchange. And lastly, enjoy experimenting on new colors and technique with your friends or sisters to learn what would suit your skin type and maximize the use of your makeup product.

So whatya think about my "experiment"?

Thank you BYS and Ms. Ria Jose of Davao Bloggers Society for having me try these wonderful kikay toys!

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