Thursday, September 26, 2013

Take Care of Your Kissable Lips with Carmex

Do you know that you also needed sunscreen protection in your lips? Yes. Since our lips have skin like the rest of our body and are exposed to the sunlight, you need to find a lip product that will not only prevent your lips from cracking but also protect it from the sun.

Carmex Philippines is so generous to have us try their product and experience Carmex Moisturing Lip Balms. I was able to try the classic and the strawberry scent and the results are very pleasing. Here is what I have to say:

  • Carmex has SPF15 which is very healthy to your lips. Like I mentioned above, sunscreen is also needed in our lips to avoid sunburn and even prevent skin illnesses caused by too much exposure to sun.
  • The scent is very luring. It is like applying a vanilla-flavored ice cream in your mouth when the smell sits right at the tip of your nose. Most of my friends would love the smell of the product even if they haven’t tried it. The sweet smell is really inviting! ;P 
  • It doesn't feel greasy or oily unlike most products. One of the major reasons why I never took Carmex out my purse is that it makes a minty-cool sensation when applied. The sensation is similar to toothpaste and leaves your lips refreshed. It doesn't leave that warm icky feeling that also looks oily and too shinny in your lips as if you ate a fatty meal before leaving your house. 
  • Carmex keeps your lips moisturized. I always make sure to apply Carmex a few minutes before I put in my lipstick especially when I apply matte lipstick as it will really prevent lips from cracking. I also put on Carmex even I don’t intend to wear any lipstick at all. The beeswax, the major component of Carmex lip balms, is a very effective ingredient to prevent drying of lips as it locks up the moisture. Not only it is effective, it is also safe and can be used even by pregnant women.

I have been using my Carmex for months now and I have been satisfied since! Not to mention that it’s very easy to pull it out from your kikay kit because the cute yellow tubes makes it easy to identify it from your other cosmetics.  Carmex is also very easy to find in any of your favorite cosmetic and health boutiques nationwide. So throw those worries about cracked lips and prepare those lips for a romantic kiss with Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm.

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