Friday, October 11, 2013

Lachis: Enjoy the Best Diner in Town

Here we are. The home of DFAT and the best Sansrival in town. Lachis is one of the places that anyone from Davao Bloggers may have not missed. We have been here for countless of times and the quality of the food will never disappoint your hungry tummy.

Lachis Sansrival Atbp started only with few tables and chairs in their humble location in Marfori Heights only specializing in mostly cakes and deserts. A couple of years after, they expanded but still, the area gets packed with guests dining in especially during lunch and dinner time. It is a one-stop shop for your favorite meals and desserts—from rice meals, laing, pasta to your all-time favourite cakes and even pastries. The best part is that not only Lachi’s gives you that homey dining experience, the prices are REALLY affordable.

I guess the word of mouth got into many people as Lachi’s weren't
as aggressive as many commercial establishments but they are very serious in serving tasty meals! Most of people I know who have been there were also informed by other friends to try their foods. This place is the best example of quality reigning supreme.

Want to be hungry?


Lachi's Sansrival (not shown in the photo) is the signature dish of this wonderful sunny place but their desserts are not limited to cakes. They have also prepared other pastries and sweet goodies perfect for your special occasions or rewarding yourself on any day.

Feeling Asian for a meal? Try their ricebowls, Tofu in Teriyaki Sauce or the Spicy Honey Chicken.

Lachis also serve pasta dishes like Spaghetti with Mushroom, Penne with Spicy Tuna Marinara, Spaghetti in in Red Pasta Sauce, Pork Marinara and Laing Pasta.


You can visit them at Ruby Street, Marfori Heights in Davao City near Values Preschool. Im sure that you will never run out of new dishes and dessert to try! Have a seat or table reserved so that you need not to wait (but be on time as well) by calling them at (064) 224 5552.

Cheers to Lachis and to the Aviles Brothers for best dining experience always.

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