Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sta. Maria’s Hidden Paradise: Little Boracay

After of long and hearty pitstop lunch in Digos City proper, we headed our way to our resort destination in Brgy. Sto Nino in Sta. Maria where a wonderful stretch of white sand beach awaited us. To be honest, as we are en route to Little Boracay, I was a little curious whether or not I misheard people saying that is a white sand beach—the seashore we pass by are all black sands! And to my analysis, Davao del Sur is very near Mt. Apo which only means that seashore should be indeed covered in dark-colored sands.

A few minutes after, we saw this haven of calm beachline of white sands!  According to Ms. Joyce Mariscal, our most wonderful host, Little Boracay has been like this ever since and not an inch of its sands were artificial as if a hidden paradise was made at the end of the coastal area. So they developed a resort that tourists can enjoy both for day tours or overnight stay.

Of course, we get to try the seafood that are freshly cooked in their specialty—sinugba (grilled), kinilaw (ceviche) and sinabawan (soup). Thanks, Glen Santillan of EscapeManila for the food photos!

We spent our lunch and early afternoon taking in the sea breeze and playing with the cold water!

If you are curious to get to Little Boracay, you can take a car or hire a jeepney that will drive you going inside Brgy. Sto. Nino, Sta. Maria. Signboards are in every street corner to guide you going inside. You can also contact them by email at, or phone them at 0939-906-4036 and visit their Facebook page here 

And giving this special shoutout to Ms. Joyce and her power team for inviting us to visit and dine in the beautiful Little Boracay. Daghang Salamat!

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