Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sketches Post Liberalia 2014

Well, you heard all of it--the stories and the fun that people had in Liberalia last March 15 at the Crocodile Park Grounds. Music started playing at three in the afternoon. As expected from a rave party, bars were opened as early as when people arrived. By the time the sun set, people were already starting to get drunk! Before midnight came, everybody was already soaked wet with neon paints, alcohol, rain and to some lucky persons, CAKE!

While many people love to throw their criticism about the event, I could only speculate that they had a bad company that night because only bad company can ruin a seriously fun and festive night.

Thanks Smart Communications, Ms. Kat Dalisay of Manic Nightnings for inviting the Davao Bloggers for the event and to all the DJ's and friends who made the party more wild and unforgetable (except for some who had amnesia that You know who you are!)

So here is a collage of some of the best photos I've seen during the event. Please note that these are not my photos unless otherwise specified.

Before all the alcohol, paint (and puke)
(c) Danelle Jo Filipinas
(c) Jesh Margatinez
#TeamSingle Davao and CDO
(c) Princess Lalwani

Sober and Clean...Hahaha Pre-Amnesia with Madie and Chamee
(c) Madie Sahid

 (c) Alison Dilangalen and (c) Angelina Sam
Partying with the DJ's
(c) Angelou Hayana

 Pretty and Ready to Party
(c) @baufelle  and (c) @camillehoney 

(c) Dawn Villahermosa

Post-party and after shocks
(c) @janelle 

(c) Anne Luy

 (c) Jesh Margatinez

Lucky and pretty. Surely she is still beautiful even with icing all over her.
(c) @jillhomez 

(c) @lloydelicious and (c) Madie Sahid 
With our beloved friend DJ Wacky Masbad
(c) Madie Sahid

The youngest DJ (and the most handsome too), DJ Antonio Tupas
(c) Mimi Tupas

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(c) Ross Naval 
Friends from CDO after party
(c) Vashy

 Glow! (c) Wacky Masbad

The Night from the Distance
(c) @Yves 


  1. It was an amazing experience! :D thanks kat dalisay and manic team! also for smart! my photos should be there.. lol. anyway.. Great blog! Highlighting the positive vibe rather the negative is wayyy better than posting criticism! :D Kudos.