Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Project 365 Photos of 2014

In December 2013, my friends Chamee, Algene and I decided to make a project for 2014.

The story behind the project was that I have been very inspired about their success stories and how they have risen above any difficult circumstance they have gone through. Being around them made me realize that even we fight our battles each day, it is possible to remain poised and exceptionally beautiful.

When I decided to make my 2014 worthwhile, I only thought of surrounding myself with positivism and great thus, I “forced-convince” my friends to join a year-long project with me to encourage my usually grumpy self to go out, find something interesting and channel my energy to something rewarding while of course doing it with friends.

The rule was simple—One photo for each day for 365 days (one year). Tag appropriate title for each photo including the hashtags #nof365photos2014 #project365 and #lifein365.

As for me, I decided to take an extra challenge for each month and create a theme!
Random January
February Danbo
Hands on March
Liquid April

Here are some of my favorites for the last three months

Hands on March.
Photo taken in Yellow Haus during the Blogging 101 for Non-Bloggers.

February Danbo.
Danbo awakes from a long sleep with this photo taken with the solar-powered lights from Ikea.

Random January.
Took a photo on this day with nothing but an old, crappy and pixelated camera phone because I had no other camera.

You may catch the full set of my Project 365 here (Chamee here and Algene here) or follow my Instagram account @sarahdayrit 

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