Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thanking Those Who Shared the Love

The significance of life can be reflected by how much impact we have created to other people.

Before the year ended in 2013, my friends from the Davao Bloggers took the initiative to help raise funds for 100 hygiene packs intended for the victims of the typhoon Yolanda in various places in Visayas. Mid-November, our blogpost rolled out and the response turned out to be overwhelming! Before our target date last December 7, 2013, we reached more than our goal of P100, 000 and even with several donations in kind.

Forgive the selfie but the photo was included in our campaign.
Photo by Ria Jose
Sample hygiene kit that contained  soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deolotion, shampoo, alcohol, tissue, insect repellant, cotton and sanitary napkin for women. The kit is estimated to supply one week need for each person. 

Kuya Andrew’s place was filled with so many boxes of goods and hygiene products where the volunteers spent an entire evening (until dawn) to repack and write messages of kindness in the hygiene kit. Before the week ended, all 1000 donation packs were distributed to the families in Tacloban and other affected regions.

Boxes turned over to Ateneo de Davao University's Yolanda volunteer group.
Photo grabbed from Chamee Pecson

Volunteers doing the repacking.
Photo from Naprey Almario

More pictures of bloggers and friends doing the repacking. This photo also shows Kezia, (topmost) taking a photo of the skies during dawn as shown in the image below. No sleep, just pure love of volunteerism!

Although it’s more than a hundred days delayed, allow me to dedicate this blogpost to our volunteer team for the Project Hygiene kit (with our project coordinator, Chamee), to our fellow Davao Bloggers who helped spread the word and kept on reposting the campaign to reach many readers and most especially to the many generous donors who shared their kind heart in helping us help the families affected by the devastating typhoon. THANK YOU, DAGHANG SALAMAT, SUKRAN, KAMSAHAMNIDA, ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!

The A Team! Photo grabbed from Madie Sahid's Instagram account.

We believe that all the little things everyone gave made a step closer in helping alleviate the lives of those who are affected. May we also not forget to be grateful for being safe and alive right now and never forget to include in our prayers the lives of all those struggling, those who fight to remain alive, those who protect the weak and those who have passed.

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