Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Music Playing

While waiting for my friend Karina to arrive in our meeting place in Abreeza, I heard a symphony so beautiful that it literally dragged my feet towards it. 

This is them--Asian Troubadours.
And they were serenading everyone in Abreeza last Saturday with the highest energy that will make you love instrumental and classical music instantly. They went all the way from Cebu bringing with them years of music inspiration. They have been around Metro Cebu (if I am not mistaken) since 2009 compiling 2 released albums of 'timeless Visayan and Russian Classics'.

During their performance in Abreeza, they all performed classical, modern, and even pop songs. I was even surprised when a young boy wen in front to sing Viva la Vida of Coldplay. That was I think the only non-instrumental song they did that night.

I'd love to see this orchestra play again.

Deep-eyed. The entire orchestra in rendition of Viva La Vida

Soulful yet playful. He posed when he saw me taking his photos.

You may want to visit their website at Asian Troubadours or check their Facebook account at www.facebook.com/asiantroubadour.

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