Friday, April 18, 2014

My Skin Essentials for Summer 2014

Everyone's favorite season for beach getaways and nature trip is here! Although we may have some frequent rains lately, no one can't deny the summer heat is really here. 

We may love the sun and the sands but one thing we regret after is our skin. Out skin gets dry from the hot weather not only because the sun heats up but because we may get dehydrated, too! Our skin also gets exposed to the sun even if we are not directly under it unless we stay in a dark room. And lastly, as we travel, we expose our skin to oil and dirt.

So here are My Skin Essentials list for summer:

1. Hydrate with Water

Drink more than 8 glasses a day! Our body needs eight glasses but summer heats up our body and our body burns up faster during this season. We also avoid heat stroke if we hydrate, so never forget the secret to a glowing skin maybe just a few more glass of water.

2. Protect with Natural Products

Since we cannot avoid going under the sun, allow your skin to be exposed after using products that will protect and help your skin maintain its beauty. I highly recommend My Skin Origins products not only because its smell so refreshing but it also has SPF 45 and it uses only natural products. 

For nourishing, revitalizing and to lighten your skin, use Revitalizing Pinkish Glow. 

Summer Tip: The My Skin Origins Facial Day Cream for this set is also a perfect alternative to your moisturizers. After cleansing and toning, apply the cream and viola,your skin is ready to go. Apply lip gloss, some light eye makeup and your perfect summer skin is a vavavoom!

Go for a body that is white and glowing with Ultra White Body Set. Its good for exfoliating and fixing skin pigmentation.

Summer Tip: The Ultra White Day Lotion works with instant powers. Your skin looks younger immediately after applying. When you want to be refreshed from the summer heat, apply the Day Lotion and the smell will relax you and give you that positive vibe!

Prepare to be confident with your underarms, use Extreme White Underarm Set.

Summer Tip: Products do not work miracles if you don't use them faithfully. Make sure not to miss using the product to see best results.

Keep pimples away and lift out dead skin with Acne Perfecting Facial Set.

Summer Tip: When taking a bath, enjoy washing your body with the My Skin Beauty Bar. Leave the soap in your skin for a few minutes--sing and enjoy a bubbly wash before rinsing off to allow the ingredients to work better.

Maintain that white beautiful skin and use Ultra White Facial Set.

Summer Tip: The My Skin Night Serum is best to lock in moisture to your face. You will wake up in the morning as if you had a long beauty rest! Do not forget to use it before going to bed.

3. Pamper your Skin with Facials

Visit My Skin Origins with your girlfriends and reward your skin with facials and other various skin treatment. Have a good laugh and bonding time while you have your skin being taken cared of. To know more about their facial and other derma services, visit them at Door 2, #93 Jacinto Street, Davao City. You may also visit their Facebook page at

Because I was born with a list of allergies, I have been looking for a skin care that will be safe and effective for me and I found them with My Skin Origins. Thanks, My Skin! <3

A shameless selfie worth sharing. Taken a morning after my facial with My Skin--before my morning rituals. Yey or Nay?

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