Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Laugh till you drop

There are just times that you feel down, not in your game and almost in the brink of giving up.
And in those times, it pays to have your friends surrounding you--they'd blanket you with your comfort zone, lie and tell that you look good even though you're such a mess and make you laugh at the most stupid thing on earth.

After watching the Up Darma Down mall show at the Abreeza Mall, which turned out to be really fun and awesome :), we decided to have a little dinner and my place. The place which we tagged as our HQ was home to many of our photoshoots in 2010. 

Photo credits to Darryl Lara

Instantly, my fellow photobombers decided to shoot and crazily made ourselves the subjects. 

Taken by no other than Mr. James Bautista, the brainchild of the 9gag-inspired photoshoot
(im kinda missing his photos lately though)

Photos and it did happen! :D

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