Wednesday, January 25, 2012


One thing that I think I got from my mother who is a Kapampangan is the love for food. No matter what it is, the more foreign, the better.

I went to a Halal store in downtown Davao. My friend is a regular customer and told me that if I can enjoy Arabic/ Persian/ Syrian/ Southeast Asian, then Zabadani is the best place in town.
Photo credits to Zabadani

True enough, I went with my friends to try on their menu. I must apologize for the few pictures I have taken though. I was a little distracted when a ball of dust walked in the cafe--Ramadi the cat!

 Lights, food and milk tea. With the right amount of spice and the best company--a good way to end a week.

Overall, the food is great! It reminded me of my Dubai trip back a few years ago. Although there was a little delay with the service (1 waiter cum maitre d' and 1 chef only I think), I must give an extra credit for the cafe who kept my phone when I left it. Another extra point for the prima dona cat, Ramadi, of course!

Pissed off. Ramadi and his distracted face when we 'forced' him to pose for a photo

You may visit their shop at Ponciano Reyes St., Davao City beside Tesoro Printing Press or drop by their website!__homepage .

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