Thursday, January 26, 2012

Banana Berry

Adjacent to Metro Lifestyle is a haven for a breezy all nighter cafe people like James. Yesterday, he brought me, Shane and Ange to lounge and eat after walking the kids in Roxas Ave.

I really can't resist taking many photos because the place is cozy, beach-themed, and serves delicious simple meals aside from the affordable price. And if I had a requirement for a cafe to be in my hot list, Banana Berry passed all of it. Wifi, comfy chair, not too cold temperature, friendly customer service, clean surrounding and great tasting food.

Chocolate Fudge Cake
Carrot Cake (favorite! never had tasted carrot cake made delicious like that)

Banana Berry may sound like a coffee shop to you but its not. It is a cafe were you can buy coolers and shakes, some of the best desserts and get to order rice meals in Krua Thai and Sinangag and get it delivered in BB! Some of my favorites are the Carrot Cake and the Chicken Pandan Rice.

Rice with Spring Rolls
Rice with Chicken in Pandan (boneless chicken wrapped in pandan leaves before frying)

Servings are always warm and just enough to fill in your tummy. Did I mention that you can buy them in less than a hundred peso? Most of the food you can buy in the adjacent shops (who partnered with BB also) are also sold at affordable deals.

PVC Lamps decorating the interiors
Shane with the color splash pillows of the cafe
Wines and menu (yes, they also serve alcohol except during liquor ban)
Jellato (BB's specialty drinks)

Banana Berry is open 24/7 and sitting literally in the corner of F. Torres and Jacinto Extension Streets in Davao City.

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