Saturday, April 7, 2012

Erinn Saige

 Few months ago, I took a photo of a couple who are expecting for their baby girl to come out soon--probably one of my most inspired photo in the history of my photography career. Almost due (she gave birth less than two weeks after this shoot) for her baby and a camera-shy certified father, this couple allowed me to document the prologue to their parenthood, the drama of the first born prenatal.

Its been a dragging three weeks of procrastination but I am pleased that the whole set is finally done. Here she is now--a carbon copy of her mom!  Erinn Saige, one year and a month old and nicknamed as choob-choob by her parents after the sound of her heartbeat during ultrasound (how sweet is that?).

The one day adventure.

Look ma! I know now how to read!

A daddy's girl.

Just like a pro. 

And her own comedian. She knows how to entertain herself and enjoy the new things around her.

Finally, my thanks to Jamie, Erwin and Choob-Choob for this another opportunity to once again document the next chapter in their family storybook.

Taken at the Jack's Ridge, Davao City. Copyright 2012. 


  1. the last photo is just adorable sar! keep it up! :)

  2. hehehe...thanks ying..the baby is adorable too! knows how to make lambing even to strangers!