Friday, April 20, 2012

Kids on the Block

I am not a dog person not even animal person. Health with the fur and ball of dust walking around me isn't the perfect condition for a person born with asthma like me.

More than a year ago, while we were shooting at our 'headquarters' studio here in my place, James decided to bring his eldest kid--Carlos the pug (go check his Facebook account!). Who wouldn't love him? Well, lets just say he was trained well by his father to smile and pose for the camera. So while our models are retouching their make up and taking their break, Carlos took the limelight and had this wonderful picture taken in a high key set up (sosyal, noh?) and by the looks of the picture, he definitely enjoyed the photoshoot! He slept the entire day after our shoot though...kawawa na man :(

Enjoying the moment. Taken by no other than his father.

Three Pugs and a Labrador reside inside James' crib in roxas: Carlos and Isabelle, both fawn Pugs; Solenn, a black one and Franco, the sole black Labrador. Its quite difficult to take the picture of them four but this is the latest group photo of the three kids when Franco wasn't born yet.

Carlos is the bugoy one. He can really 'hypnotize' you to give him food or take pity in him because of his charisma. Like his father, Carlos knows his way to the girls. During our regular walks in Roxas Ave., he can easily catch girls' attention...really! But Carlos is always the 'kuya' in the group. He scolds Isabelle and Solenn when they pick fight with the other dogs in the road. He would allow his younger siblings to drink water first even if he's panting from being tired of walking. He has one bad attitude though, he will not steal any food or ask for food except when its their favorite dental stick! hahaha...

Born and named Rowdy, known as Carlos.

Isabelle on the other hand, is the prima dona among the four. She goes to you whenever she wants (even if its James whose calling them). She would eat whenever she want even if its dinner time already. She would not play with Carlos or Solenn if  she doesn't fee like doing it or plainly not interested. The thing about the prima dona-ness of Isabelle is that she is really smart and clean! She can be very sweet especially when you arrive home and she wouldn't bother you unless she is disturbed or she found something that she cant get over it (house rats, bully dogs, etc).

Isabella Swan, the prima dona Isabel.

Solenn is like a dark lightning. She can run as quick as Franco (who is a Labrador) nut more agile since she is smaller. She is the easiest to communicate at and probably the only one I can sleep beside at. She is the most playful and can consume alot of food!!! She has an interesting long tongue (a un-preferred trait for a Pug). She is the only one who can jump to higher places--more of an athletic type among the three. Solenn, however, has a bad 'twick'--we can't really just place her in an elevated ground to retrain her. And when she gets out of the huose, she would cross the street and run as fast as she can, giving us all the heart attacks. She has the highest energy which means extra workout! 

Chewie or Solenn :)

Lastly, Franco! The youngest but the biggest (as expected). Franco is the kindest of the four. His face, his everything is kind. He loves playing and running around which is also an usual character of a Labrador. He loves everything with water and can spill a big pale of water if he is in his play mode. He can be big but he is really gentle. He sometimes forget though that he is way bigger than the other three, when he plays with them. I saw one time when Solenn almost got stuck under him! lol. I was told that he would still double in size and I cant even carry him right now anymore. Franco wouldn't challenge anyone...even maybe the burglar partly because he is still very young but I hope we will get to train him to do otherwise soon. :) 

Boxer of the South or Franco (in his first month taken by his very excited dad)
Franco is a very precious gift from James' "adopted parent" Sir Jun and Ate Mimi Tupas.

It has been well, less than two years since James' kids befriended me. I was always scared of them at first because I grew up with no pets beside me. Surprisingly, the kids seemed to have felt my apprehension and worked their way to my heart. They easily welcomed me and makes me feel that whenever I arrive home, they will always be excited and happy to see me--such a warm feeling! In most of the time, they have showed a reflection of the people around them especially their dad who can be very strict with them at times but mostly loving and caring--their different personalities, equivalent to fragments of the character of the family that takes care of them, just wonderful to be with.

More pictures! :)

Happy holidays!


The princess.

The long-tongued.

The few moments when we captured Franco being carried by someone.

Solenn taking lessons from Carlos on how-to-get-inside-the-house.

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