Friday, April 6, 2012

the queen

My friend Usagi and I demanded for a vacation so we booked a flight to the Queen City of the South for our 22-hour Cebu shopping trip.

In the airport, we were greeted with this little warning from our Airport Security. You judge if I laughed of not.

Then our shopping adventure slopped into a food trip. Well, you shouldn't be surprised. :) Started with Don Henrico's in Ayala Cebu.

Then dinner follow in a Japanese supposedly traditional store in midmetro Cebu. :) Choosing from a range of menu that we have no idea what is it really was the cherry on top of the cake.

And a few hours later, we were in the airport enjoying Bo's Coffee and Tea then back to motherland Davao City.

So here's to my good company and enjoying Cebu for less than a day--Usagi and Ami. Thank you for the little adventure!

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