Tuesday, February 21, 2012

blue is summer

Its almost summer!

Although we have been experiencing alot of bad weather recently, the warm temperature and the sunny summer sun can be really felt and are just around the corner. Its always been warm here in Davao although rainy weather appears late in the afternoon and during evenings. This sometimes catches me unprepared--wearing breezy and comfy outfit for the warm day when heavy rain pours down in the afternoon.

I always like to combine white and blue for a summer get up so for last Saturday's outfit, I pulled out one of my favorite dress from H&M and paired it with an old blazer from my sister's closet. In this way, I can remove the blazer during the warm hours and put it in at night or inside our office.

Sorry, I look like a fat frog! lol

Dress: H&M
Shoes: TOMS
Blazer: Dereche Apparel by Marcelino (local)
Headband: SM Accessories
Other accessories: DIY

My DIY project has just expanded with these being added to my collection. :D I'll probably post some DIY project here again soon.

Heart necklace. Materials bought at Craft Shop

Baby pin cat. Baby diaper pin, scrapbook flower button and cat pendant

Recycled. From scrapt and old bracelets.

And thanking my friends who laughed with me as we took this shameless self portrait again! 
Kuya Angie and Rara.

The supposedly-jump-shot. I love this!

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