Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Panda meets Elephant: Thailand 2012

I know! Its a few months delayed. Please excuse my almost-dying laptop and its been a long agony to simple-edit photos but nevertheless, here it is!

It's the annual travelogy with my sisters again. I'll fill you in with the details in the other post coz it was way back B.B. (Before Blogging). This year, my shopping list was so full and I went home with zero bank account and bags full of clothes (we almost had excess baggage!) for this trip. Guess where?

I was running like crazy to catch the shutter in 10-sec timer. Had to go around the pool and boy, that was insane!
Traveling to our first destination took a long way--four international airports, too many scanners and x-rays, two-hour search for wifi connection, two bowls of pad thai, and finally, touchdown, Phuket! We arrived in Phuket around 10 in the morning but we traveled to Khao Lak for another 45 minutes. My sister booked us (thank you, again) in one of Phuket's exclusive resort which is located in front of Pakarang Cape (in Andaman Sea). Phuket is a place to fall in love and Takolaburi has probably witnessed a lot of love already.

Spell paradise! (or perhaps picture it?)
Takolaburi is a 'cultural and spa resort' and the entire location was surrounded with beautiful gardens and villas (more like a huge stilt houses). I felt like I was in the set of the movie 'Anna and the King' that day--think royal treatment, ancient pillars and yummy-licious food. The pool is just right in your doorstep! And at the heart of the resort is the spa where I personally experienced probably one of the best Thai Massage I could ever have. The place was almost exclusive to us as it was a lean season for the resort. (There were honeymooners but you really wouldn't expect we'd see them around.)

I was complaining half the time because it was raining when we get there (my Boracay trip was also "blessed" with a typhoon..huhuhu) as if the monsoon was after me. And like Boracay in 2011, the sun shone when we were about to leave. You would probably complain like I did as you would take a look at the photos in the later part of this post.

The usual pristine beach line...but monsoon!

No fancy gates. This is what welcomed us in that rainy morning.

That is one super comfy bed. I can sleep the entire day with the bed weather that time.


Good morning dew. It was nice waking up to the glory of nature peeking right into your window.

We went on an elephant riding (thanks again to my Ate :p). Five minutes away from Takolaburi is a place that accommodates elephant riding, whitewater rafting and some zoo-activities. It was wonderful knowing that the entire village not only takes care of the elephants but actually lives with them as if it was part of their household. More appropriately, it was not the elephants living with them, its them living with the elephants. 

We went on a long trek with two elephants who loved eating! We also passed by a small river where they dipped and cooled down for a minute (and took photos with them for souvenirs, too). They were such gentle giants, so wonderful!

Half of the trek was spent on eating! So adorable!
Feeling princess Sarah (lol)
Good thing it was Ate who was with me..otherwise, I would have left Ayah in the other elephant (she kept on screaming the entire tour)

I had only two clear photos showing my face that day (the downside of being a photographer)
Eat all day! There were a few more elephants in that village whose past time is, yes, eating!

We have to leave Phuket and off to our next destination: shopping! We left the airport around 1 in the afternoon and arrived in Bangkok around 3. In case you are unaware, Thailand is a country that seemed not to ran out of flowers supply. Even the Suvarnabhumi International Ariport in Bangkok is packed with flowers and plants everywhere. On top of that, in the entire city--clothes and endless supply of super affordable things to buy. I consumed the entire morning in just a floor of mall! By the end of the day, my legs were swelling and the airport is so cold (*tagam*).

Thanks again to my sister (hahaha...yes, you should envy me!) we stayed in Holiday Inn Express (Siam) which is also just across MTB mall, overlooking the stadium at the other side and a walking distance to the night market and the fashion district. We didn't get to tour around Bangkok because it was raining and it became more possible to go shopping instead. After an overnight stay, we board our trip back to Manila and then home sweet home in Davao.

Here is the lame excuse: I got too busy shopping, I forgot that I needed to take photos! Seriously, being a lady took over being ms.photographer (LOL) but I intend to go back to Bangkok to get a city tour and less shopping which will leave me, I guess, with no more excuse for no-photos. Till the next Thailand trip! :) 

Room at the Holiday Inn
Of course, wouldn't miss the Tuk-Tuk experience.

By the way...you may check the website of our accommodations here:
Takolaburi Cultural and Spa Resort link
Holiday Inn Express Siam link

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