Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grab a Crab

Okay, so my blog is really turning into a food blog most of the time.
And here's another one!

Karina and I plans to finish all the major resto in Abreeza before the year ends. So keeping up with our own promises to eat and contradicting our own new year's resolution to slim down, we decided to visit Grab a Crab in Abreeza.

Karina and I were classmates in high school in Cotabato City which is also a great place to get crabs. I can proudly say though that aside from Surigao, the crabs from Cotabs is the best in Mindanao. With that bar raised high, we bravely ordered menu good for four and honestly, I was more than full that night!

It is not my first time in this restaurant. My friend in GenSan, Kaye Tan, bought me to the same place way in 2009, back when it not here in Davao City yet. To tell you honestly, the food is great. We ordered Szechuan Crab and Mixed Vegies with Seafood. The food is perfectly cooked, served at the right temperature and good tasting! the service crew are very accommodating and cheerful to their customers. The place is cozy, chairs are comfortable (plus points on the high back of the chair--people don't see you out-of-poised eating the crabs)!

I must say that the downside though is the price. The one crab we ate (400 grams) was costing to 10 crabs if we buy it in Cotabs. Moreso, there is not comfort room inside the place. The waiter pointed me to the not-so-best powder room in Abreeza but the place has their own washing area for customers who want to eat in gusto with their hands. Nevertheless, I had a great Saturday night Grab a Crab, which I can confidently recommend to my friends!

Grab a Crab is located at the 3rd floor, Abreeza Mall of Davao.
Don't just read, eat!

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  1. i will try it one day this year and i will tell you what is good and what is bad and what needs improvement but remember king crab legs are the best don't be fooled by spider crab legs they look the same but spider crab legs are longer and king crab legs taste sweeter and don't for get the melted butter with your crabs