Sunday, February 12, 2012

DiY Bracelets

One of my biggest dilemma when I started making my lifestyle blog is the fashion area. I grew up with few things in life. Its not a sad thing but its a different outlook when you decided to make a lifestyle blog--you can never get away with fashion. And the logic goes. No fashion statement is ever complete without accessories.

Yes, yes, I heard you...changing of closet = spending. And no. Fashion doesn't mean you have to spend all your income to buying stuff that will compliment you and your outfit. So this is what I did and I thought that this might help you in one way or another as you may also be in the same dilemma as I am.

DIY Bracelets.

Things you need:

beads of any kind
thread or nylon or thin floral wire
(note: the thread or nylon or wire must fit into your beads. otherwise change your beads or your thread)
caps (optional)
chains (optional, depending on your design)
locks and hooks
For this demonstration, I used two different colors for easy distinction.
Step 1:
Insert five (5) beads, in alternate colors into your thread. No locks needed to start your thread.
So my pattern is blue-pink-blue-pink-blue.

Step 2:
Insert the other end of you thread into your last bead in an opposite direction. This will serve as the 'base' of your bracelet. Remember though that your last bead is colored blue so the next bead in line should be, yes, pink.
You should have ended on a circle like this.

Step 3:
Now, thread one pink bead with your end "b" (see picture below) and insert it in the bead skipping the bead before your last bead. In this illustration, since your last bead is blue, skip the pink bead then insert the end "b" into the blue bead.
Do not insert the "b" end in an opposite direction. Follow the arrow going to the left. That should where your thread must come out.

Step 4:
Repeat step 3 but this time, since the last bead is pink, use blue bead this time. Remember to insert end "b" in alternate beads. When you tighten your beads, you will have something that looks like this.

Step 5:
Continue to repeat step 3 until you reach desired length.

Tip: to insert your thread easily, you can use a needle or hooks so long as it will fit the holes of your beads.

Step 6:
Once you reach your desired length, lock the ends of your bracelets.
There are many binders and locks available in the craft store. For this project, I simply made a knot at the ends of the bracelet.

Step 6.5:
To hide the knots, I used these caps that can also be bought in your local craft stores.
(Change location of pictorials)
Step 7:
Add your locks and hooks.
For this project, I used some chains since chains are really in season and can go with any outfit you desire.

And the finished product.

Depending on the size, color and style of your beads and thread, your bracelet will also change the size and overall look. I also made one bracelet using Japanese beads and a different chain this time (Am I obviously in love with chains?)

I hope you do like this post! :) Till the next DIY project!
Good night all!

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