Thursday, February 9, 2012


We had a great weekend shoot last Sunday. Thanks to no other than the Godfather, Sir Ange who organized the shoot.

Taken with Nikon D90, 85mm, ISO 200 f4.0

It was getting late when we started our second set with Angela. Being not so good with strobes yet, I decided to step out my comfort zone and shoot with intentional flares. I learned that flares can be attained by shooting against your light source (ergo, your subject is in front of your strobes or any light source for that matter). Flares are also affected by lens filters and even hood.
For this shoot, one strobe with a yellow gel was positioned 9 o'clock of Angela and another fill light to her 1 o'clock. 
Go experiment!

Organizer: Sir Ange Bersabal
Models: Aubrey and Angela
MUA: Kaye Garino
the James Bautista
Ken Bandayanon (thanks for the cam!)
Jan Mante (thanks for the transpo)
Darryl Lara
Neil Merin
Hannah and Me :)

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