Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet the Mentor

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Many people may not believe but the person who taught me more about love for photography is the very man who sits right beside me always. He is also the man behind the great photos of Soul Lifestyle....

That is him by the way. And the photo he took of Cheyser that made it to the current billboard of Soul Lifestyle.

and this...my favorite

Seize the say. The original photo caption and one of James' first photos..

It will prolly take the entire blog page to fill in the wonderful photos he had taken.
so just check out his postings in the world wide web and im sure you'll enjoy it alot! :)

James Bautista Flickr

He'll probably kill me for doing some senseless article about him. I surely have to make another 'more serious' blog soon. Watch out... :)

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